This was my big senior project in high school; Tech Way at first was just a school hype song 2 guys from our football team made, they came up to me at a pep rally as I was wearing a Steadicam I was practicing with and looked like I knew what I was doing. After filming and trying to learn the game on the spot. Back in post, it was... OK. They wanted a sports montage and it just wasn't working “I thought, what's the point in making something that's going to suck?”, I called them up and said no, and to trust me on this new idea. I got my ‘DP’ [Nelson Rios] and worked on a plan, we wanted something super simple to shoot but something the entire school would enjoy and promote. So we told everyone to show up, because who wouldn't promote them self 🀷‍♀. I also wanted my butt to be covered in case something bad happened, I got a location release from my principal and full access to all of the football field, printed 'Notice of Filming' signs, called my local Airport for permission to fly our drone, made my school panic telling all the teachers that they would pay them double supervise this event as they realized this wasn't a small event, convinced my parents to lend me a company truck to use as a grip truck, had a mandatory safety meeting for all of my crew, and contacted my school deputy. 1 long night and a crowd of 300+ we did it. It somehow went smoothly, so smoothly that apparently there was some drunk guy that tried to dance with some of the students and my crew got a football coach to kick him out. I never knew about it until a few days later. Next football game a small crew and I filmed all the live action stuff to keep that ethic with the video. We had a large amount of footage to sort and edit in 2 weeks before premiering it to a packed crowd at our school gymnasium.

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